At Randy’s Body Shop, we understand that modern vehicles require modern repair. That’s why we seek to obtain manufacturer certifications to perform these repairs. These certifications show that we have undergone training specifically for the modern versions of these makes and models, and that we know how to make sure all of that technology performs as it is supposed to after the job is complete. We are audited every year to make sure we are using the proper equipment and performing accurate repairs while undergoing training for the technology available in newer models.

Here’s a list of all the certifications we’ve obtained and continue to maintain year after year, proving that these manufacturers have approved our shop to perform any repair to the same standard they hold themselves.

I-Car Gold Class Certified


When you see the I-Car Gold Class logo, you know you will be getting the most knowledgeable and up-to-date repairs to your vehicle by highly qualified and educated technicians. If you value your vehicle’s safety, then make sure you are getting the Gold Class treatment.

As an I-Car Gold Class designated body shop, we have gone through extensive training courses to make certain we know:

  • How to make the right decisions for a safe repair
  • How to find hidden damage others may not see
  • The latest repair procedures and technologies
  • Which parts to repair and which to replace
I-Car Gold Class

ProFirst Certified


A ProFirst Certified designation is specific to Honda and Acura vehicles. By obtaining this certification, we have shown the manufacturers at Honda and Acura that we not only have the right tools to repair their vehicles, but that we’ve also undergone the extensive training required to get this certification. This was the first manufacturer certification we obtained, and we’ve maintained this designation every year since.

Our team undergoes annual training and audits to keep these certifications valid, proving to you Honda and Acura owners out there that if you need your vehicle repaired to the standards held by Honda and Acura, we’re the shop to do it. Learn more here.

ProFirst Certified

Assured Performance Certified

Certified Assured Performance

Our Assured Performance Certification was an important addition to our list of certifications, as this network covers many makes of vehicles including Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, KIA and Nissan.

Our Assured Performance Certification also approves our facility to repair Aluminum Intensive Vehicles (AIV) manufactured by Ford and other manufacturers with similar substrates and materials. The requirements to get this certification are critical to preserving the fit, finish, durability, value and safety of vehicles with advanced technologies. That means we have the tools and training to repair aluminum vehicles the right way.

According to the Assured Performance website, only 1 in 10 body shops meet the requirements necessary to call themselves certified. Just like the other certifications, there are certain tools required to properly complete these jobs and a certain knowledge needed to make sure they are performed accurately. We are proud to meet these standards year after year. If you are one of the many people in our region with a vehicle from one of these manufacturers, know that you are in expert hands when you choose our body shop for your vehicle’s repairs. Learn more here.

Assured Certified

GM Collision Repair Certified

GM Collision Repair Network Member

What a lot of consumers might not know is that while newer vehicles possess all kinds of technological advancements, this changes how repairs on them are performed. If repairs are not completed properly, this could cause certain functions, such as lane departure detection, auto-braking, and adaptive cruise control, to not perform properly.

This is also true for the GM Collision Repair Network, another certification we are proud to add to our shop’s wall. To learn more about our certification specific to these manufacturers, click this link here.


Subaru Certified Collision Center

Subaru Certified

In getting this certification, it shows that we can provide the proper training and equipment necessary to restore your Subaru to its original factory specifications. This includes the ability to accurately recalibrate the components of Subaru EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology. We also use the proven fit and quality of Genuine Subaru Collision Parts for replacement to help ensure that your Subaru is returned in like-new condition along with the protective capabilities that kept you safe in the first place.

The type of replacement parts used to repair your vehicle can make a substantial difference. Unlike aftermarket alternatives, Genuine Subaru Collision Parts are identical to the ones originally installed on your vehicle from the factory. Want to know why this should be important to you? Click here.


We hope you know that if you happen to get into an accident, it’s your right to choose the body shop that performs your repair work. We also hope you know that when you choose Randy’s Body Shop, you’re choosing a shop that’s primary goal is to get you back on the road as safely as possible. That’s why we continue to dedicate ourselves to making sure that when we perform your vehicle’s repairs, we’re doing them the right way, every time.

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