Why Choose Randy’s for your Repairs?

As we’ve shared before, when you have an accident, it’s your right to choose what repair shop will fix your vehicle. And we know there are a lot of choices out there. We wanted to share with you why we think you should choose Randy’s Body Shop.


At our body shop, we practice integrity on two levels. First, we believe in the absolute integrity of the repairs we do. Our mission is to ensure that vehicles are repaired to as close to their pre-collision state as possible. If it CAN be done, rest assured, we WILL do it. We also believe in the integrity of our people, and we work to make this process as smooth as possible to and that our customers are satisfied with the jobs we perform. All of our repairs come with a 100% lifetime warranty.


Today’s vehicles advance more and more year after year. And it will keep getting more and more advanced as the years go on. Having repair knowledge from even five years ago can be obsolete in last year’s models. So having the knowledge and understanding of modern vehicle technology is more important than anything when repairing damage. Lane departure detection, auto-braking, and adaptive cruise control, just to name a few, require precise measurements from sensors and computers to function properly.

That’s why we sought to obtain manufacturer certifications to perform these repairs. These certifications show that we have undergone training specifically to repair the modern versions of these makes and models, and that we know how to make sure all of that technology performs as it is supposed to after a repair. We are audited every year to make sure we are using the proper equipment and performing accurate repairs while undergoing training for the technology available in newer models.


We’ve talked about technology in the vehicles, but we should also talk about the technology needed to make these repairs. We utilize some of the most advanced technology available to accurately perform collision repair. This is the equipment that makes sure all of the cool options modern vehicles have actually works after you’ve been in an accident. Some of those very features could’ve assisted you in that accident, making it not as bad as it could’ve been. In the event you ever needed that technology again, you’d definitely want it to work, right?


So that’s a lot of information about what we do and how we do it. But do you know WHY? You. We want to give customers the best possible experience after the terrible one that got you here in the first place. Our vehicles are our livelihoods, and we know you’re eager to get back to yours. We just want to make sure it’s the same vehicle you got in before you called us.