Things To Keep In Your Vehicle At All Times

It doesn’t matter what the reason may be, there are just certain things you always want to have handy just in case the unexpected sidetracks your agenda.
Things to Keep in Your Vehicle

Things To Keep In Your Vehicle At All Times

It doesn’t matter what the reason may be, there are just certain things you always want to have handy just in case the unexpected sidetracks your agenda.
Flat tires, engine trouble, hazardous weather, a family of sloths refusing to clear the roadway; you just never know what obstacle could prevent you from getting to your planned destination.

What you can do is plan for as many of those events as possible and increase the likelihood you stay safe throughout the duration. Here are some things you should always keep handy in your vehicle:

First Aid Kit

Seems obvious, but worth repeating. You won’t realize you don’t have it until it’s too late. Accidents happen. And if it happens outside of your home, there’s a good chance you drove to wherever it did. So always be sure your vehicle has a fully stocked first aid kit.


You never know when a tool will come in handy. There are many great options for small-sized multi-tools that you can keep in your vehicle to be prepared for whatever life has to throw at you.

Escape Tool

Another small tool that could prove lifesaving is an escape tool. Escape tools are designed to easily break windows and cut through seatbelts in the event of an emergency.

Jumper Cables/Portable Battery

Dead batteries happen when it’s least convenient, so better to be prepared than have to wait for someone who is. Jumper cables are a must, and if you travel on isolated roads, it’s not a bad idea to get the portable battery version so you won’t even need a second vehicle to get it started.

Road Flares & Emergency Triangles

One of the biggest dangers associated with accidents and road hazards are the unsuspecting drivers. Make sure you are visible by keeping road flares or emergency triangles handy to help protect you from oncoming traffic.


We all have flashlights on our phones, but your phone battery might be something you prefer to conserve. Also, cell phone flashlights are only so good. You can get a fairly compact LED flashlight that will both help you see what you’re doing and help approaching vehicles see something’s going on ahead.


Winter breakdowns can be even more problematic with a dead vehicle. Keep blankets, gloves and hats handy (especially in winter) in case help is a ways away.


It’s happened before, and it will happen again. Sometimes, accidents mean we are stuck on the road even if we’re not in an accident. Having a water supply, no matter how much, can be a tremendous relief.


Same as the water. You never know when you’ll need it. This could be especially critical for diabetics stuck in traffic or gridlock.


It’s not the most important, and it could overlap with the blankets listed above, but if you have room, a tarp can be very handy should you need to work on your vehicle, change a tire or get on the ground for any reason where the ground is less than inviting, like muddy roadsides.


It will be handy to have something to wipe your hands or tools off with, should you need them. You might be on your way to work!

Tire Pressure Gauge

Tires get low, especially after temperature drops. It’s important to make sure when you air up your tires, you inflate them to the correct PSI!

Hand Sanitizer

Easy to stow away and handy for anytime you want clean hands!

Phone Charger

It’s probably already something you have several of in different capacities, but having a dedicated phone charger for your vehicle will prove to be incredibly useful, emergency or not!

The list could go on. And, depending on the cargo space in the vehicle you drive, maybe it should! A good tip for those of you with limited space would be to arrange your items by season.

But, for the most part, you can fit most of these items in a go-bag or a compartment of your trunk divider. You can even find many “kits” that contain many of these items in a pre-packaged travel bag if you’re starting from scratch!

Want a refresher on what to do if you’re in an accident? Go ahead and review that checklist at the link below.

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