Why OEM Certified?

Why should OEM Certified collision repair be important to you? If you value the safety and integrity of your vehicle, then you should accept nothing less. Randy’s Body Shop is an I-CAR Gold Class rated repair shop. We are also the only ProFirst OEM certified technicians for all Honda and Acura makes and models in the area.

I-Car Gold Class Professionals
Assured Performance

Why does this matter?

When it comes to vehicle repair, the difference between a simple repair job and an OEM certified repair job is bigger than you think.

A part that is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) certified means that it came from the original manufacturer. In an effort to save on cost, a lot of repair shops will use aftermarket parts, which don’t come from the original manufacturer, but a third party who makes parts to fit certain makes and models.

While aftermarket parts are typically less expensive, the savings often comes at a cost. Typically, that means what the parts are made of and how they are constructed. For example, an aftermarket bumper might be cheaper than the OEM certified bumper, but that aftermarket bumper is not held to the same safety standards as the OEM bumper.

That means if you purchased your vehicle based on certain safety tests, those results are the result of tests done with the original parts. If the aftermarket bumper has a different impact performance from the factory bumper, it negates the initial safety rating of your vehicle.

This can be problematic for not just you and your family’s safety, but also for the resale value of your vehicle if you plan on selling and upgrading down the road. Typically, aftermarket parts tend to not perform as well and last as long as their OEM certified counterparts, and while the average used car buyer might not realize this, a dealer more than likely will.

When you repair your car using OEM certified parts, you are essentially restoring it to what it would have been when it came off the assembly line. We believe it is entirely possible to restore a vehicle to pre-accident condition in terms of appearance, form, fit, function, and safety. This is why at Randy’s Body Shop, we ONLY use OEM certified parts on our repair jobs.

We are currently in the process of completing training for OEM certifications for more car and truck manufacturers in the months to come. In the meantime, we will continue to repair EVERY vehicle using OEM certified parts in an effort to restore your vehicle to the same standards held by the manufacturer from whom you bought it.